Jenny and Allen were our second couple to volunteer for our experimental sessions. For their session we treated it like we were shooting film. We taped up the back of our cameras so that we couldn’t see a single thing we shot. We had to use our knowledge of our gear and trust that the exposure we got was the correct one. Some ask why we didn’t just shoot film for the exercise since we have plenty of film cameras and we both were trained on film and the dark room. We wanted to practice with the digital gear that we use day in and day out and know it like the back of our hand. Blacking out our screens made us think about the shot before we took it.

We also stepped up the challenged and limited ourselves to one lens a piece and no flash. For most people this is their typical set up but for us we use lots of flash in our work and sometimes become dependent on it to make what we consider good images. This exercise forced us to look for good natural light and use it to our shape our images like we would use flash.

Over all we loved this challenge. It was a lot harder than we thought it would be. We are so accustomed to checking our cameras to make sure we got what we wanted. Bot checking our cameras was hard made us question if we got what we wanted. Thankfully our film skills were still with us and can trust our exposures, seeing them or not.

We had a great time with Jenny, Allen, and their two beautiful dogs. These two were a blast to work with and their sweet puppies stole the show. Being the dog lovers that we are it was great to incorporate their animals into the shoot.

Enjoy a small glance at their shoot.

Savannah and Philip