She is so beautiful, and she is so fine
Yes she is so beautiful and she says, she’s mine

For her face that shines, in the morning glow
And the outside world, will never know
What she means to me, and what I owe to her

But she is so beautiful, she is so devine
Yes she is so beautiful, and she’s mine, she’s mine

She can make me smile, as we start the day
And to hear her laugh, takes my breath away
Will I ever find, any words to say to her

Though is so beautiful, but she is so fine
Yes she is so beautiful, and she’s mine, she says, she’s mine

-Paul McCartney-


It’s 2014 and we are super excited about what the new year brings! We have some fabulous couples lined up for this year and we can’t wait to be a part of their special days. December was pretty busy for us as we prepared for the new year. We’ve made a few changes on the back end of stuff so that our couples can have a fabulous experience here. Newest change is our proofing galleries. We’ve changed host for our galleries so previous links that went out to clients will work through the end of the month. All 2013 wedding and portrait clients can now access their galleries by clicking the “Client” link at the top of our site and blog. The new galleries are cleaner and much easier to use. We hope you enjoy! If you are client with a wedding prior to 2013 and would like your gallery to be put back up for print orders please email us.


Savannah and Philip