They met in elementary school and went to the same school all the way through college. It took graduating from college for them the become more than friends. While Jessica was at the bachelorette party for a friend, Who happened to be a previous bride of ours named Janet :), she ran into Mickey again and they exchanged numbers. It wasn’t until the night of Janet’s wedding that Mickey realized he wanted to have Jessica in his life. That night he asked her to be his girlfriend and it only took about three weeks for them to fall head over heals in love with one another.
A quick 9 months later they were engaged and this past May they tied the knot and became husband and wife!

We have loved every minute of getting to know Jessica and Mickey and seeing their love story develop. It is so fun to know that we were there the night that he asked her to start dating and then a few years later we were there to capture their own love story.

Jessica and Mickey had a fabulous wedding day and they both were great about rolling with the punches that the day had in store for them. Lets just say it is always a good idea to have a nurse or two in your bridal party or as a guest 🙂

For this wedding we wanted to do something a little different with their blog post. Over the past year Philip and I have been working on really refining our style and the way we shoot. We have noticed that we are both gravitating more and more to a documentary style when we cover wedding days. While we still love our portrait time with our couples we are loving the little moments in between moments throughout the day. Moments that go beyond just candid; moments that we sit and watch, waiting for them to develop and tell a story. With the moments we have seen that about 50% of our final images are giving in black and white. We feel like this style of developing of the image lends itself to telling the story in a great fashion; you aren’t distracted by color or toning and your eye is free to take in the whole scene. So today’s post is completely black and white. We hope you enjoy!

I love this image! The couple on the left is Janet and Cody, a former bride and groom of ours and the couple responsible for Mickey getting jealous of a groomsman at their wedding and therefore asking Jessica out 🙂 Janet and Cody are expecting a sweet little girl in the next couple of months and we cannot wait to see their beautiful family grow. Seeing our previous couples still deeply in love warms our souls and pushed us on in our quest to capture love.

Savannah and Philip