If there is one word to describe these two it would be driven! We hear a lot that finding someone like yourself – same hobbies and temperament – can be a God-send in a marriage and with these two you get that. When you have two career-minded, always on the go people a Forever Session really helps them to press pause and recenter. During our discovery calls with both of them, we could tell that they stopped for the first time in a while to really center in on what makes their relationship so unique.And we love being able to help couples do that!

We could tell their love is always strong. And the way they express that love is most commonly through doing things together. Whether its working out at the gym or getting Mexican food, they just love to do life together! Traynor brings a relaxed and steady hand to the always-going Jessica. And Jessica helps Traynor not get so bogged down in work and remember to have fun in life. And underlying it all is their common self-confidence and independence. It really is a great relationship!

There is so much more to share about these two and we will soon because their wedding is only a few days away! But for now, we will leave you with some fun photos!


Savannah and Philip