If Savannah and I were to have a 10 year anniversary party (which is only a few months away!), we would want to do what John and Fontaine did for their wedding. An intimate gathering of close family and friends, enjoying food and drink, and celebrating their relationship. And these two have a lot to celebrate. Both have had a journey to get to where they are at, but their wedding day was about celebrating where they are now. They found a best friend in each other. They found support in one another. They found love.

And the biggest aspect of the day for both of them was to be surrounded by the people in their lives that have gotten them to this point. And we have never witnessed a gathering of people that were so invested in the couple. EVERYONE who walked in to Acre was beyond thrilled for these two and it was so amazing to see and experience. The amount of love and support they have around them is inspiring and humbling. So it did not shock us why they were focused so much on giving their friends and family an experience and meal of gratitude.

And Acre is such a beautiful space to do this! You cannot walk in to that place and not feel warm and welcomed. They picked the perfect place to make this day happen. The food was delicious and the ambiance just lent itself to being communal. The florals were to die for as well! They brought just the right amount of elegance and charm to match the meaning of the day!

All in all, we left that day feeling filled up, not drained, from the day. John and Fontaine are such a perfect pair, and they made sure their day was filled with what makes their relationship so great: love and support that they bring to one another. Congratulations you two!



Savannah and Philip