What a day Julie and Blake had! Even though the threat of rain loomed over, these two just rolled with the punches like champs. Nothing was going to bother them because they were getting married. Their love and dedication to one another trumps everything – it was such a beautiful sight to see. And the backdrop of Plein Air was equally as beautiful. The chapel at Plein Air fit them perfectly, the food was spot on, and the epic sunset that made a presence was a sight to see!


Two parts of the day really stuck out to us as we look back through the photos. First, and most importantly, was their ceremony. Blake’s emotion as Julie came down the aisle was honestly unexpected, but lovely! At that moment you saw this man, who Julie described as her rock, become swept up in the emotion of the moment. Only a confident man can bear his emotion openly, and confidence is a great word to describe Blake. And this is exactly why he is that rock for Julie! He is confident, sure of himself, and not afraid to take on a challenge for her. And at this moment you saw Blake show to everyone in the room that Julie is his everything. It was such an honor to witness this moment!


The other part of the day that we will always remember is when we pulled Julie and Blake out of the reception for some portraits. Julie told us she wanted sunset photos, but we were all in shock for what nature had in store for us! As we all stood out there seeing the sky constantly change hues from blue to yellow to pink to red, Julie just overcame with emotion. Nature is where she feels calm, where she can stop and breathe. This was the first time since being married that they had time to really reflect. And this time Julie was the one that let her emotion out. It was a perfect combination of peace, calm, and joy for her. Their future was beginning and it was like the sky was giving the a show to celebrate.


There was so much more that happened on the wedding day that we could talk about, but suffice it to say, Julie and Blake had a day to remember! These two memories above will always stick with us though, and I think they will for Julie and Blake too. Congratulations you two!

Savannah and Philip