The moment we saw Julie take off her shoes so she could just have her feet feel the grass, we knew we were going to have a good time with her and Blake. It’s no secret that we enjoy the outdoors and, whenever we have a couple that is the same way, we know this is going to be a good relationship! So of course, Julie and Blake wanted outdoors for their Forever Session and there is no better place than Shelby Farms right here in Memphis!

When the clouds rolled in, Julie got so excited because she loves storms. Thankfully the rain held off, but we were all soaking in the moody skies and cool breeze. Even though it was moody weather, Julie and Blake were full of smiles! Even though they had a long day (and week!), they were able to stop and really just forget about everything for a few minutes. And you could see the calm slowly take over as they finally were able to focus on only each other.

For us, a Forever Session is not just a fancy name for an engagement session. It is not simply a run through where we get to know one another – by the time of your Forever Session we already know one another well! It is a chance for you to stop, breathe, getaway from the stresses of work and wedding, and celebrate why this is all happening – your relationship!

And this is what it was for these two! Julie’s eyes were fixed on Blake the whole time – so excited that they were close. He was making her laugh, which made him laugh. He has holding her tight, letting her know that he will never let her fall. Through it all we saw their personalities come out – at times they acted like we weren’t even there – and we were able to see fun snippets of why they have chose one another. It was amazing to watch and photograph!

And we can’t forget Scout, Julie and Blake’s dog! We loved his calm demeanor and how he was so focused on the next scent or animal coming around the corner. He was so sweet!

There is much more to come for these two and soon! Their wedding is this weekend,and we can’t wait to share more of their relationship. Until then, here are some more photographs from their session!


Savannah and Philip