We first met Jo and Kaitlyn a couple years back. We were photographing Kaitlyn and her cousin for their Granny’s Christmas present. Jo came along for a few portraits with Kaitlyn and even though they hadn’t been together for long we could tell that there was something special about their relationship.

They are both independent and two of the hardest working people we have ever met. They compliment each other in ways that only fellow driven people can. When one is start out on a new adventure, the other is there to be the biggest cheerleader! They both are always striving to be the best version of themselves and they are an inspiration to watch!

This year has been rough for everyone but especially for Jo’s family. Through many losses this year Kaitlyn has been by his side through every painful moment. Having the person you love most in the world by your side through these tough moments makes them just a little easier to bare.

2021 will be a killer year and even more so since these two are getting married!!

We love you guys!!


Savannah and Philip