A zookeeper and a lawyer walk into a bar…. this is not the beginning of a joke; it’s just another day of Karen and David’s story. This two met probably the only way they could have – online. But it was instant chemistry for both of them when they started dating! These two are so comfortable and relaxed with one another, and it gives license to all those around them to be themselves. This isn’t to say they are the same or constantly in sync. It means that they are accepting and understanding of one another because they know life is better together than apart. There is no doubt that they both feel like they have each other’s backs no matter what!

We were laughing about how much they are similar to us too. Karen and Savannah are both type A worriers – they both have crazy, irrational dreams about what is stressing them. They both are always finding the best way to utilize credit card points for travel. Meanwhile David and Philip are more relaxed. They can both get deep into whatever they are occupied with and excited about. And we are all dog people, which is most important obviously!

In this way, Karen brings greater purpose and order to David and David brings Karen down to remember to soak in the present. Both are needed in their own times, and they both seem to navigate this well! It’s fun to see.

We can go on and on about these two, but we think these engagement photos will do a good job telling you about their relationship! Karen and David, thanks for letting us make these photographs for you and sweet Sophie at Shelby Farms Park in Memphis and we cannot wait for many more conversations on gardening, dogs, and everyday life!