We love to be able to make a Forever Session tailored made for the couple. And after talking with Levi and Katherine, we all found the perfect solution: Oxford, MS. They both went to Ole Miss for college but never really met. But they connected, through mutual friends, at an Ole Miss football game, and have been with each other ever since. So of course we had to take photos at the Grove, the Oxford Square, and, most importantly, the bar where they became more than acquaintances during that football game. Needless to say, that little town has a big part in their history. And another big part of their history is actually part of ours as well!

You see, we photographed the wedding of Levi’s twin brother, Clay. It turns out Clay’s wife, Kim, was pulling for this relationship for a while too! It’s really fun to continue with a family in their milestones! But what is really great is to get to know Levi as well as we have gotten to know Clay. That is thanks to Katherine. When we called her for her discovery call we found out just what makes Levi the perfect guy for her. He is a driven, ambitious guy without being stuffy about it. And from day one he was ambitiously pursuing her! Levi, himself, even mentioned how fun it is to pursue her and continue to actively chase after her affection. They do this mainly through creating good times with one another as much as possible. For them that could be an evening in or out. It is not about the activity, it’s about the company. For both of them, it just works.

They both mentioned how they feel so comfortable around one another. This is why Levi has believed in their relationship from the beginning! And this constant faith in her is what Katherine loves most about him. He is so encouraging and attentive towards her. And he encourages her to be herself. So much so that she said, “I learned to like myself the way he does.” That perspective and honest love he offers her everyday is the best gift he can give her – a type A, too-hard-on-yourself type of person.

For Levi, he will openly admit that Katherine makes him a better person. Her heart of service is infectious. She is selfless by default. She wants to be present with the people she is with and desires the same from others. All of these things have rubbed off on Levi a little bit and have given him greater stability in his life. Maybe better put, a since of purpose. He wants to give her the best because she is the best. Someone so kind, selfless, and driven is someone worth holding onto and cherishing.

Now, last but certainly not least. Livy. Cutest dog on the planet? Quite possibly. She is Katherine’s sweet heart, and turned Levi into a small dog type of guy. We get how powerful a presence a dog can be and it is very true with Livy. She’s got energy and spunk to chase around the squirrels on the Grove, and the sweetness to sit in your lap and be that loyal companion. We loved having Livy around for the session!

Now on to the photos!