When we were prepping for Katherine and Nick’s Forever Session at Shelby Farms Park in Memphis, TN, we had multiple conversations leading up to the session. And through those conversations, we found out just how perfect they are for one another!

It’s not the grand gestures that mean the world to Katherine, it is the small, every day, unseen things that make her feel genuinely loved by Nick. And you can see Katherine fully embracing the love that Nick willingly gives to her in the way she looks into his eyes. There is a peace that comes over her as she looks into Nick’s eyes; only Nick can make her feel cherished. To feel cherished is to know that the other person’s love is beyond attraction and will last a lifetime. Through the good and the bad Katherine knows that Nick will be there to be her support system and help through each hurdle life may throw at them.

For Nick, Katherine has shown him that she has the biggest heart and she unconditionally supports him. She has shown that she is understanding and  openminded, two character traits that are necessary in a marriage! Katherine is not afraid to lock eyes with Nick and through these long glances she shows her commitment to him.

And then there is Lola and Missy, their adorable dogs! We had the best time with all four of them!