Over the past 5 years we have had the greatest honor of being wedding photographers. When we documented our first wedding back in 2008 we had no clue what the future would have in store for us. We were fresh out of college, about to get married, and both working other jobs. After that first wedding we knew that we wanted to capture weddings full time and we started the journey of becoming wedding photographers. On that journey we learned so much about ourselves, the couples that we shared their wedding day with, what it is like to work as a husband and wife team and be together all day every day, and the art of photographer. We grew more than we ever dreamed and we are thankful for every step we took on our journey.

On our journey to where we are now we operated under the name of Ava Grace Photography. We came to love this name and it served us very well for the past 4.5 years. But as we stopped and dreamed about where we wanted to go in the next 5 years we just couldn’t see Ava Grace staying with us. You see when this adventure started it was mainly Savannah’s dream and Philip was just along for the ride. But over time we both realized that this is just not Savannah’s dream anymore, it belongs to both of us. We are in it together 100% and we have felt for the past couple years that the name Ava Grace did not truly reflect who we were as coartist.

So today we announce to you our new name, The Kenneys. As simple as it might be it signifies to us that we are in this together every step of the way. We are not only partners in marriage but partners in business. When you hire our studio you are getting 100% of both of us.

As you might have noticed the photography is not part of our new name but instead Wedding Imagery. As we looked to our future as artist we knew that we wanted to offer more to our brides than jsut photography. In the near future you will be seeing some of our newer products and a couple special products that we have had under our belts. We are very excited about these new ventures and we cannot wait to share them with you all!!

Thank you all for supporting us over the last couple of years! Thank you to all our brides and grooms who have trusted us with their weddings and have let us into one of the specialist days of your lives. We are so excited about our 2013 weddings and we cannot wait to start our season in just a few weeks!

With all our love,
Philip and Savannah Kenney

The Kenneys Wedding Imagery