Jon and Kerri’s day was great. They had many special aspects to their day that we will be showing later but one was super fun. Both graduate the week before the wedding with degrees in engineering and there were hints of Pi all throughout their day. As Kerri told us: “The wedding day holds pi meaning. The first 3 digits of pi are 3.14. Pi day is March 14th (3/14). Our wedding day is 5/14, which is pi + 2 (i.e. pi plus two people).”

Here are just a few moments from their day, we can’t wait to show you the rest:

We love when couples do unique things and make their wedding day special to them. Jon and Kerri aren’t much into dancing but they love playing Guitar Hero together. So instead of a first dance together they had a first game together 🙂

This is one of our favorites from the reception. This little guys stole the show while the guest enjoyed playing Rock and together:

Savannah and Philip