Kevin and Jessica have something very special as a couple. Something you might not be able to put words to but one look at them and you know they are in love and have a lasting relationship. As we spent their wedding day with them, we got to see first hand their love and admiration for one another. Jessica was nervous all morning but the moment she saw Kevin at the end of the aisle her face lit up and all nerves were cast aside. They spent the day laughing together and enjoying the company of their beloved.

It was an honor to capture their day and help create memories for them. Last night as they viewed their images for the first time, they let us know that even though they had been together for almost 4 years they only had 4 images of the two for them together. We were very glad to change that for them! Enjoy their wedding day!

Since it was freezing outside (literally, there was snow on the ground) we decided to stay inside for a good bit of the portraits. We took Kevin and Jessica into the church gym… At first they looked at us like we were crazy but we had a little something up our sleeve. The following images are all taken in a church gym. 🙂

And on to the reception:

One of my all time favorites from this wedding! Philip snagged this one and boy did he do a great job 🙂

The Peabody is always so glamorous at Christmas time:


Savannah and Philip