It was a tornado that brought them together. Stephen and Kimberlee were both students at Union University when an EF-4 tornado tore through the campus and destroyed almost all the student housing. Because their dorms were no longer they separately went to live in The Jet, a make shift dorm for the students. It was here at The Jet that they would meet through mutual friends and eventually start dating. Though the tornado was disastrous a beautiful relationship spring forth from Kimberlee and Stephen being relocated.

When you put Kimberlee and Stephen together you get an absolutely perfect couple. These two make each other smile and laugh like perfect soul mates. We have loved every single moment we have been able to spend with them. Having watched Kimberlee grow up since she was little this wedding was extremely special to us. We’ve seen Kimberlee go from a little girl to a beautiful woman through the years and being a part of her wedding was one of the biggest honors that we could have ever had.

Kimberlee’s mother knew how much she wanted us to be a part of her day and booked us for her wedding before Kimberlee even knew Stephen would propose. We had to keep the upcoming proposal a secret for months! And let me tell you, that was extremely hard to do. The day Stephen proposed was a happy day for all and we were so excited that everyone else knew the secret!




We love when our past brides are part of wedding parties! For Kimberlee and Stephen’s wedding we had three previous brides as bridesmaids! Audra, Sarah, and Alli have all been beautiful brides and made beautiful bridesmaids! So good to see each of you girls, we love each of your dearly.

Love this image of Kimberlee with her younger sister. A close family melts the heart:

The way Kimberlee’s dad, Gregg, looks at her mom makes me cry every time. They have both been a huge part of our lives since we were in 7th grade and their example to us as a married couple has been one we will always treasure. Gregg actually officiated our wedding three years ago and we are so glad that we go to be a part of his daughter’s day.

A dad who can crack jokes to keep his daughter from crying before walking down the aisle is perfect! 🙂

The “oh my goodness I think we are finally married look.” Priceless.

Gorgeous flowers done by Flowers by Regis:

Cutest grandparents ever!

Last minute hugs with your grandfather, a must on a wedding day.

When I came across this image while editing I lost it. Nothing touches my heart more than a father who is proud of his little girl and knows that she is with the man of her dreams but still has a hard time saying goodbye.  I love that Kimberlee’s mother is in the background looking on and still getting to be a part of the moment between Gregg and Kimberlee. Of all the beautiful moments we got to capture on the Brooks’ wedding day this one might just be my favorite.

Kimberlee, Stephen, and your families,
Thank you so much for letting us be a part of this special day! We have laughed and cried with your family over the years and being a part of your wedding day was the icing on the cake for us. When we know a family and they trust us with documenting a wedding day it is a high honor. We know that picking a wedding photographer is a big decision and when we are so blessed that you picked us. Thank you for letting us be a part of your day and for letting us capture the moments of your wedding.



Savannah and Philip