A conversation at a New Year’s Eve party between a thoughtful guy and a vibrant girl. That’s all it took to take two acquaintances, Kyle and Meghan, to become a couple… well… and a month’s wait until Kyle finally asked her out… But Meghan has grown to love Kyle’s patience and thoughtfulness! But in all seriousness, conversation is what binds these two together!

Kyle told us he enjoys a good conversation that is filled with openness and intimacy, and he loved that Meghan matched his desire for this. Meghan loves that she feels heard when she talks to Kyle – he is present and caring. And in this conversations the push each other intellectually, emotionally, spiritually. And as we spend more time with them we are seeing this beautiful, organic relationship always in stride together! They are curious together. They are open to the world together. They are intimately connected. It’s a beautiful sight that is worth taking in and admiring. But don’t take our word for it…

It’s hard to beat the lovely scenery of Shelby Farms Park!

And who can not mention Baxter?! This little pup was the best dog to photograph and this family is just so adorable all together!

Kyle and Meghan (and little Baxter!), we had so much fun with you two and cannot wait to see your future unfold!

Savannah and Philip