It’s hard to find where to begin with last weekend’s celebration! But when we sat in on Tyler and Lacey’s rehearsal dinner, we were astounded once again by their intentional care for one another and those they love. Tyler gave heartfelt, and tear filled, toasts to each groomsmen – guys that have shaped him over the years. Lacey followed with telling everyone what she loves about each bridesmaid and how they became a part of her story. Family surrounded them with support and showered them with joy and beautiful wisdom. Toasts were so plentiful that they had an intermission! That’s how much these two are loved. We’ve been a part of many rehearsal dinner and during Tyler and Lacey’s we saw more love than we have ever seen before. The stories their friends and family share spoke of the depth that each possesses. During Tyler’s thank you to his groomsmen he became so overwhelmed with tears that his dear friend Steven, the man who would also marry them, stood up and read for Tyler while Lacey surrounded him in her arms. The team that surrounds and stands with them in their new journey is strong! And this was all before the wedding day even started!

At Home in the Woodlands

Their wedding day started right where the rehearsal dinner left off! Friends and family from all around were filled with excitement. Part of that excitement surely had to do with the unmatched beauty of having their wedding at Garvan Gardens in Hot Springs, Arkansas. These two, until recently, lived in Colorado and the outdoors is integral to their story. While they dreamed of a wedding in Colorado, family was more important and in order for Tyler’s beloved grandparents to get to attend the wedding they needed to pick a place a little closer to home. And only Garvan Gardens would do!! Not only are the gardens breathtaking but they played a formative role in Tyler’s love of science and helped shape his career path.

And you could tell the gardens were a perfect fit for Tyler and Lacey because they both seemed at home from the moment they saw each other for the first time. All was right – together in nature. Their smiles and ease said it all. And this set the mood for the day for them. They kept coming back to those smiles throughout the day, from portraits to ceremony to reception, this overarching theme of being together was always their in their demeanor and faces. This energy was matched by their friends and family. Even when Tyler got anxious before the ceremony, his friends were there to bring out that smile and ease. It was such an honor to see such dedication and community between everyone involved.

If you haven’t picked up by now, family is incredibly important to Tyler and Lacey! When we talked with Lacey’s parents they both spoke of how honoring it was that the couple chose to forgo their dream location so Tyler’s grandparents could be a part of the day! As an additional tribute to family, Lacey wore her mother’s wedding dress and veil! As her mom helped Lacey into her dress you could see the pride radiating from her face. And the icing on the cake was the cake topper from Lacey’s Mimi’s wedding!

My Pride and Joy

For sure the funnest part of the day was their first dance to SRV’s “Pride and Joy”! Well it was more of a first air guitar duel…. And it was amazing! Lacey’s happy spirit and Tyler’s dedication to making her happy, made this dance one to remember. And those guitars kept making an appearance throughout – even Lacey’s Mimi led a conga line with one in hand! Their reception at the Hills at Belvedere gave every one an opportunity to strut their stuff on the dance floor and they took advantage!

There is so much more we could talk about with these two! To hear more about their relationship check out their Forever Session on the blog here. But suffice it to say, Lacey and Tyler, we enjoyed your wedding day immensely! We are so excited for you two because we love your story, your relationship, and your future. Your connection is rare and deserved to be celebrated in such a beautiful way.

Even though Lacey’s dress from several decades old, you would never know! She had the sleeves removed from her mom’s dress to put a modern twist on the classic gown! And honestly the dress couldn’t have been more perfect for her; it fit her personality and style perfectly!

As Cynthia, Lacey’s mom, helped her put on her dress, the tears couldn’t be stopped.

Tyler’s groomsmen have seen him through many different journeys and they kept him laughing all day long, even when they remind him that he is the shortest one in the group 🙂 !

Let’s talk about Lacey’s bridesmaids for a second! They came from near and far to support her and were some of the best bridesmaids ever! From making her veil to fixing her hair, these girls were there every second of the day! The laughter that filled the rooms was genuine and contagious!!

This photograph of Lacey’s dad, Chris, watching her put the final touches of her assemble together gets me every time! Lacey is his only daughter and this day was extra special for Chris!

Classic portraits for classic people 🙂

That pride and joy shining through on Tyler’s face as he walked to see his bride!

Those smiles get me!!

Not a bad spot for a first look! We really wanted to surround the couple in nature for their first look since nature has played such a huge role in their relationship.

So Tyler’s day might have been made when this male peacock came strutting up. Like we mentioned earlier Tyler is a biologist and seeing such a magnificent bird on his wedding day was perfection! Mister peacock didn’t stay around for long but we loved his cameo!

Hello Mr Bond! When Lacey first saw Tyler she kept saying how much he looked like James Bond in his suit! And these two candid moments that Philip captured, pretty much nailed debonair side of Tyler.

The moments of laughter and joy share with friends and family throughout the day were priceless.

Lacey’s Dad told me prior to the wedding that his most anticipated part of the day was walking Lacey down the aisle. He saw this moment as symbolic of him leading her through life and this was his last time to help lead her as a single woman.

In the blue dress is Lacey’s Mimi, who happens to be Lacey’s favorite person on the planet! And after talking to her on the phone before the wedding I see why! So much of Lacey’s personality comes from this amazing lady and at 90 years young she is still filled with grace and love that overflows! And she is also one of the funniest ladies on the earth! The love in her eyes is radiant.

The chapel in Garvan is absolutely stunning! The architecture makes you feel like you are a part of nature!

Tyler’s mom and grandfather shedding tears during the vows was such a special moment to capture.

This high five from Tyler’s dad is the best!

What an entrance!!

An air guitar first dance to Stevie Ray Vaughn is ALWAYS a great idea!

For their getaway car, Tyler picked his grandfather’s truck. During the reception he went out with a few of his friends and his grandfather to show of the truck. Its one of those trucks that you know is packed full of stories of fishing trips and mischief. Tyler was so excited to have it be part of his day!

And then the dance party started! Lacey LOVES dancing and once the dancing started, it didn’t stop!

Mimi led the charge in making sure the dance floor was hopping!

I told you she was amazing!!

And let’s not forget Tyler’s Mimi, she had a special moment with her grandsons and truth be told, this photograph is one of our favorites. It is a simple moment but a special one.

Tyler flew out of the parking lot with his new bride and was insanely ready to start life with her smiling face by his side!

Savannah and Philip