Laura and Ricky, Sneak peek

We had an absolute blast with Laura and Ricky on their wedding day! They are by far our favorite Irish couple that we have had the honor of working with. Yes they live in Northern Ireland! Philip and I are super jealous! Laura and Ricky showed us how to really have a good time on your wedding day. They kept us laughing all afternoon, even when the temperature spiked to 1 billion degrees outside, ok well maybe it only got to 104 that day…

This couple has so much to offer! We had the privilege of going to dinner with them right before their wedding and we got to learn all about their lives. Both are working on their doctorates and when they finish they will have 7 degrees between them. What a couple!
Ricky is a great musician and has toured throughout the UK, Europe and Asia. With Philip being a musician as well, these two had plenty to talk about. As we sat together getting to know them more, we noticed one thing, Laura and Ricky were deeply in love with one another. It was fun to watch them joke with one another, especially when Laura would say something really southern (she is from the states) and Ricky (he is from N. Ireland) would laugh at how funny it sounded. They know how to have a good time together and simply love getting to be with each other. Nothing make me smile more than watching a couple enjoy being together.

Laura and Ricky we are so honored that you allowed us to be a part of your wedding day! We have had the best time getting to know you and hope to continue a long friendship with you.

Laura and Ricky wedding

We can’t wait to show you all your wedding images! And we are thinking a trip to Ireland is in our future 🙂

Savannah and Philip