Yesterday was Timothy and Laura’s first anniversary! We had a blast with them on their wedding day. I can’t believe that it has already been a year since they were married! It has been so much fun seeing Laura and Timothy go through their first year together. They say that the first year can be the hardest and can show how the marriage will go. Not long after Laura and Timothy’s wedding their adorable house flooded due to pipes bursting while they were out of town. The cute house they worked so hard to restore had to be restored a second time! But it didn’t get the best out of Laura and Timothy. They stayed strong through it and have a great story to tell their kids one day. This is why we love keeping up with our couples; we get to see the struggles they go through and how the overcome them. We get to see love prevail and a couple strengthened. Capturing a wedding is only the beginning of our connection with couples, we love seeing them through marriage.

Happy Anniversary Laura and Timothy! We areso proud of all you have been through and how strong you have been! Thank you for being an awesome example to us and couples all around you! And now a little look back on your wedding day:

Savannah and Philip