When Leah left Memphis to go to graduate school in Colorado, it only took Matt a month to drop everything and follow her. Now, you might say, “That is soon romantic!” And it is! But it is deeper than mere romance for these two. As Matt told us, “We have been best friends for 8 years. When I’m with her, I am myself.” Matt didn’t just follow Leah because he is crazy about her. He chased her because she is what makes him feel at home. And this reality is mutual between them.

Their wedding day at Temple Israel was the culmination of this reality. You could sense the peace surrounding them when they saw each other for the first time – everything was right. And as the day continued we say two amazing families come together! Leah’s sister, Rachel, preformed a beautiful ceremony that truly celebrated their relationship. With their loving parents on either side of them, they become one. It was so refreshing and fun to see families embrace their new additions with open arms!

Matt and Leah, thank you for letting us into your journey. Your story is special and we are so happy we got to help you celebrate it!










Savannah and Philip