Katherine and Levi could easily be described as the life of the party BUT they are so much more than that. They are passionate people in all that they do and it is clear to see when you are around them! They both bring their passion for life into their relationship with one another and it has been an honor to capture their relationship!

We first met Levi when we photographed his twin brother Clay’s wedding a couple years ago. Back then he hadn’t met Katherine yet and he was simply enjoying life. But then Katherine came into his life and he did everything he could to make sure that she stayed in his life. He chased after her even when she was slightly anxious about letting him in. You can’t deny that he wanted to date her, especially when he set up a weekend trip to Washington, D.C. (where she was living at the time) and tried to play it off as visiting a friend. In reality he only had eyes for Katherine and wanted to spend every minute with her!

What is amazing about Katherine is her desire to do everything to the best of her ability! Whether it is her job, planning her wedding, or her friendships she isn’t leaving anything off the table. She is all in! And you clearly see that in her relationship with Levi. Once she let him in, she was all in and has desired every day to be the best girlfriend, fiancé, and now wife to Levi. Levi told us about how she has pushed him to be his best in all he does and because of Katherine in his life, he is a better person!

Now let us tell you about their wedding! We’ve been looking forward to this one for a long time and it did not disappoint! When we get to photograph multiple siblings’ weddings in a family, we truly feel like it is the highest honor! Getting to know the family in this unique way is something that is extremely special to us. And let me tell you, as Clay stood by his brother’s side and cried alongside Levi, we found ourselves crying too. We’ve gotten to deeply know both of these men over the years and seeing their support for one another literally melted out hearts! Katherine also had us in tears as she proudly worshipped during their ceremony. She had arrange for a gospel choir to sing “How Great Thou Art” and by the end of the song there wasn’t a dry eye in the entire chapel!!

Some of our favorite parts about Katherine and Levi’s wedding were their incorporation of things that were special to them. From their dog Livvy getting ready with Katherine to them getting married in the Paris Yates Chapel (both of them went to Ole Miss) to the bridal party riding on a Double Decker bus to the reception at The Lyric, every bit of the wedding had a personal touch from them. And then Katherine made sure she truly put a personal touch on the reception! She came out in her Katy Perry jersey and performed with the Land Sharks. All of her bridesmaids said that this was 100% Katherine! And speaking of bridesmaids, Katherine is one very loved woman! She broke our record of bridesmaids with 23 and each one of these girls clearly loved her deeply!

And we couldn’t end this blog post without talking about Levi and Katherine being the life of the party!! Towards the end of the reception they broke out into a dance battle that had everyone cheering them on! These two broke out dance moves that we didn’t know were possible in formal wear and they clearly were having the time of their lives!!! Seeing them both dance their hearts out together on their wedding day was the perfect end to their reception!!

But you don’t have to take our word for it… here is their wedding!!


Groom’s Getting Ready Location : Chancellor House

Ceremony : Paris Yates Chapel – Campus of Ole Miss

Reception : The Lyric

Bridal Gown : Elle James

Caterer: Elizabeth Heiskell

Florist: Twisted Twig

Day of Coordinator : Mary- Dare Sharp

Reception Decor: Details

Band : Peabody Rockets

Transportation : Double Decker Bus

Cheers, Savannah and Philip