What you have to love about Lindsey and Brett is their authenticity. They are kind souls who found each other on a soccer field, and you can tell their connection was immediate! As the day went on, their smiles just got bigger as the events of the day began to sink in. Even while they remembered loved ones lost, they decided to celebrate the life they are going into by cherishing the impact on their lives of the ones who could not be there. Lindsey and Brett are honest, real, and full of vibrancy. It was a honor to be a part of their day, and we know that their future is bright!BormBlog0002 BormBlog0003 BormBlog0004 BormBlog0005 BormBlog0006 BormBlog0007 BormBlog0008 BormBlog0009 BormBlog0010 BormBlog0011 BormBlog0012 BormBlog0013 BormBlog0014 BormBlog0015 BormBlog0016 BormBlog0017 BormBlog0018 BormBlog0019 BormBlog0020 BormBlog0021 BormBlog0022 BormBlog0023 BormBlog0024 BormBlog0025 BormBlog0026 BormBlog0027 BormBlog0028 BormBlog0029 BormBlog0030 BormBlog0031 BormBlog0032 BormBlog0033 BormBlog0034 BormBlog0035 BormBlog0036 BormBlog0037 BormBlog0038 BormBlog0039 BormBlog0040 BormBlog0041 BormBlog0042 BormBlog0043 BormBlog0044 BormBlog0045 BormBlog0046 BormBlog0047 BormBlog0048 BormBlog0049 BormBlog0050 BormBlog0051


Venue: Cedar Hall

Dress: Maggie Louise

Florals : Ashlye McCormmick

Savannah and Philip