It was a beautiful Spring evening filled with laughter, goofing off, and just enjoying life. That is the best way to describe this Forever Session. Liz and Colin truly just want to have a good time with one another as much as possible and it is so refreshing to see! They are best friends as well as lovers.

One thing they both mentioned to us separately is what it means to be in love with your best friend. They both said that there is nothing either one can do that will make the other stop loving them. They give each other freedom to be themselves, to be goofy, even imperfect. Which this means they give each other life. A life free of judgement. A life based on openness and acceptance.

And this is not to say they have not been through hard times. They have been through hard, sad times with family but that is when they grew close. Colin, when he was having a hard time losing a loved one, found Liz right there. She shared his grief, anger, and pain. He said he always felt like she was on his side and ready to take on whatever she needed to for him. How amazing is it to have someone like THAT in your life?!

There is so much more to share about these two, but guess what… their wedding is THIS WEEKEND! So we will have even more to share, but for now, enjoy their session from the beautiful Overton Park!



Savannah and Philip