When Logan contacted us about doing a family session for her growing family, she just couldn’t stop gushing about Madelyn “Zu-Zu”. And as soon as we met her, we couldn’t stop either! Zu-Zu is a year and half old that is full of life and wonder. Chubby cheeks that turn red when she’s excited and big, round eyes that light up when she is happily playing with Thurston the Third (their lovable Corgi). Her joy is infectious! And that is what Logan really wanted us to capture.

That joy is because Zu-Zu is an explorer. She is intentional in everything, intuitive in her interactions, innocent in her response. But probably most importantly in this time, she is independent. She is learning what it means to walk on her own. To touch and feel the world around her with no abandon. When she finds something new, her eyes light up! And that joy becomes evident in her beautiful smile. It is such a fun experience for her and her parents!

When we talked to Reed, he told us his favorite part of a day is when Logan comes home from work. Zu-Zu’s true self comes out then, he says. Zu-Zu is gregarious, happy. When she’s Logan come in the door she gets so giddy she can’t help herself! Logan and Zu-Zu, in this moment, have a connection that is like they are equals. Zu-Zu matches Logan’s energy. And Reed gets to see this everyday. A proud dad and husband meet in this moment – it is so understandable why he loves this time so much!

And Logan told us Reed is the calm presence for the family. When Zu-Zu was born, the purposeful, yet free-spirited Reed surprised Logan with his peaceful demeanor. She loved the moment they met for the first time and to see Reed be so calm and present for the family. What an amazing moment to witness for a new mother?! And it rings true, Reed is the one that brings stability – he is with Zu-Zu during the day. It was so cool to see Logan’s loving expressions towards Reed.

This family loves being together. So when we designed their artwork at their Design Consult, we all were focused on displaying the unique dynamic of this family right now – Zu-Zu’s growing independence, Logan and Zu-Zu’s unique connection, Reed being that calm presence for the family, and Logan and Reed being a team as they go into this new journey together. We loved how it turned out! The story of the family comes together so nicely.

Logan, Reed, Zu-Zu, and Thurston we cannot wait to see how your family continues to grow. Thank you for letting us be a part of your journey!

Savannah and Philip