From being just her brother’s friend to now her fiancé, Mallory has come to see Brennan through a whole different set of eyes over the years!

Even though they knew each other in high school, it wasn’t until years later when Brennan invited her to a Christmas party that Mallory’s interest was peaked. They would stayed up all evening texting each other and while Mallory thought he was just a friend, Brennan was chasing after her pretty hard! He was persistent in his asking her out and even threaten to end the talking if she didn’t give him a try. And then she finally decided to give this kind, funny, respectful guy a shot. And as she told me, a year in things were going so smooth and everything with Brennan was just easy! It was then that she started to realized that he might just be the one for her!

Even when Brennan is busy he always tries to put Mallory first in his life! He is always there for her, even while they are long distance right now while Mallory finishes up optometry school here in Memphis. For Mallory, Brennan is her number one fan and cheerleader! He is understanding of her life and school land and gives her all the care in the world!!

For Brennan, Mallory is the perfect balance in his life! Where he can be higher strung, she brings a calmness and chill to his life. She helps him to see that no matter what it will be all right. Mallory’s peacefulness is a joy to be a around and she helps to center him! Regularly Mallory uses her kind heart to help Brennan to relax and it shows him that she has his back!

These two have become absolutely perfect for each other in their mutual support for one another! Watching them interact you can see the kindness and love for one another pouring out of their eyes. They simply get what the other needs in life and they are both eager to be there to supply it to their best friend! And they both absolutely adore animals and have a goal to reduce all the fur babies that need a loving home! They brought along their dog Lucky for their session and seeing the tenderness they have for animals was heartwarming!!

Mallory and Brennan, we cannot wait for your wedding next year! It will be a great celebration of your love and friendship!!


Savannah and Philip