I’d walk into a storm with you
Let the wind dance with our home with you


Sitting down to write Katelyn and Mallory’s story is a little daunting. They have a story that is hard to properly put into words that will fully do justice to these two. Ironically the written word is what brings these two together and was lovingly shared at their wedding.
As we got to know Katelyn and Mallory leading up to their wedding we noticed something really special about them. They love passionately and they aren’t afraid to embrace the storms that come with their relationship. During their photograph premiere Katelyn saw the moment when they were walking across the cliff side to their ceremony site and she said, ” I know what I was thinking in that moment, all I was thinking is Mallory is grounding me and I can’t take my eyes off her.”


Let the lightning break our bones with you
Oh I’d walk into a storm


As Katelyn started to get to know Mallory, her friends noticed something different about the way she talked her new best friend. As they grew closer and closer they were hit in the heart with a realization, they had found the one who could properly carry their heart.


I’d walk into a flame with you
Watch the fire burn our bed with you


They each had pictured their lives taking a different road. Their families had to learn to understand how their faith in one another and their God lead them to this sacred relationship.The days at times were long but at the end of those long days they looked back and saw that they were good.


Breathe the smoke in until we’re dead with you
Oh I’d walk into a flame


And on March 3rd these two amazing ladies, who discovered that they were better together than apart, promised to love one another till the end of time. They surrounded themselves with their family and closest friend on the side of Petit Jean Mountain in Arkansas and at sunset hush filled the air as we all witnessed the joining of two lives. Tears ran down both Mallory and Katelyn’s faces as they vowed to carry one another’s hearts. As they promised to follow one another to the end of the world.
I recall those days we felt like
Giving up on each other
Days I feel you’re mine
We’re nothing but trouble
And nights that I can’t mention
Where we’re going I don’t know
Are we landing on our feet
For better or worse there’s no escape
Always you and always me
The day of wonder started with the ladies getting ready with their bridesmaids (and bride’s man) in their separate cabins. Their friends helped with everything from makeup, to hair, to practicing the first dance song, to undoing knots in necklaces. As the time approached for Mallory and Katelyn to see one another the nerves started to show but when they embraces for the first time that day, over looking the waterfall, all their nerves seemed to float away with the wind.

Their minister spoke of what they treasure most in life, the sense of wonder that we get as humans. And wonder is what surrounded us that evening on the mountain The wonder of love. The wonder of nature. The wonder of support from family and friends. The wonder of the unknown stretching out before you…  And as their guest showered them in lavender buds a sense of calmness encased all who were present. But what is wonder without joy. Joy comes to Katelyn through song so everyone joined in what might be one of the most smile inducing songs, Jeremiah Was a Bullfrog.

One of the neatest parts of this wedding was the sense of community that the ladies intentionally created. They wanted only their closest friends and family members surrounding them that day. One of their friends told them “I don’t care when your wedding is, nothing will keep me away.” They not only surrounded them in physically that day, they also helped make the day happen. Katelyn’s grandmother and mom cooked all the food (hello! Some of the best gumbo we have ever had) and several friends brought pies for the dessert bar. Instead of toasts, each guest read a poem that they personally chose as a tribute to Katelyn and Mallory. And their first dance was to The Lone Bellow’s Walk Into A Storm (part of the lyrics are above in italics) which was sang and played by Katelyn’s bridesmaid and brother.

Wonder was felt that day. But the wonder won’t stop now that the celebration is over. Each day with these two is filled with wonder and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for them.
Savannah and Philip