“With Katelyn, I’m free to be who I was meant to be”

Mallory told me these powerful words during our discovery call leading up to their forever session. These words stuck with me for several days actually and I thought about the amazing gift that Katelyn gives Mallory every single day by simply allowing her the freedom to discover who she truly is. By allowing Mallory to discover her passions, desires, and potential, Katelyn has given her the opportunity to better herself. To find that strength in your partner truly an amazing gift.

But not only does Mallory feel like she knows herself better, when she looks in to Katelyn’s eyes she sees that she is seen, cared about and that Katelyn isn’t going anywhere! While it can be terrifying to be known that deeply is it also exciting to know someone cares about you that much that they will stick with you through thick and thin!

And Mallory did just that for Katelyn. Early on in their relationship Katelyn got really sick and Mallory was there right through it all. It takes a deep love to willingly stay and pour out your love to someone who is sick. But it showed Katelyn that she had a great partner in Mallory.

Katelyn shared with me that she loves to help people feel safe and comfortable! One of the best parts of her relationship with Mallory is creating a safe place for her to feel safe and secure. Katelyn feels joy and happiness when she knows that Mallory feels completely safe with her.

These two are such an amazing couple and we had so much fun with them during their forever session! Their laughter filled the halls of the Crosstown Concourse and their smiles lit up the foggy afternoon down at Martyr’s Park. We cannot wait for their intimate wedding on Petit Jean Mountain this March!!

Cheers, Savannah and Philip