After the first call I (Savannah) had with Mary in 2017, I instantly knew that we were going to be life long friends!! We first met Mary and John for their wedding last year and since then we have been dear friends and also we’ve gotten to document their family growing through a maternity session and most recently a family session with Baby Larson! Valerie at Annesdale Mansion (who is pretty much Mary and my best friend ever!!) was a doll and let us use the mansion once again for the family session. We even paid homage to one of Mary and John’s favorite photographs from their wedding during the family session 🙂

Mary is the type of bad ass that I hope I am one day. Not only is she an amazing pilot, wife, and dog mom, she is a freaking awesome mother to baby Larson! We regularly  get together for lunch or drinks and I’m constantly in awe of her love for Larson. She took an entire year off from flying to give Larson her entire attention during these early months of her life. Watching Mary and Larson together really does inspire me to one day be a mother! I don’t know if I have ever seen a mom who is more caring for her baby, everything Mary does is so that Larson will have the best life possible. Her love for Larson radiates from her! One of the coolest things about Mary is she never lets a conversation wrap up without checking in to see how I am doing; there is a selflessness about her that you want to make sure you have in your own life. Knowing how attentive she is to our friendship, it gives me just a glimpse of the type of person she is as a wife and mother. I also feel deeply loved and encouraged every time I am with her!!
And then there is John! With is devilish grins and laughs. Getting to see him be a dad is pretty heart warming!! It is amazing how babies will change grown men into silly song and dancing fools. But it is all in the name of making sure that their little darling is happy, enjoying life, and feeling secure. Larson is the spitting image of her daddy and when these two are together you can tell them simply love being in each other’s presence!! When John is holding Larson their is a peace that comes over him and you can see it all over his face! He has one of the biggest hearts and you can see him wearing his heart on his sleeve when it comes to Larson and Mary!
And we can’t leave Maddy out!! She truly is the first born in the family and she has been a champ with the addition of Larson. She is one of the sweetest dogs you will ever meet and she is beyond loved by the family!
Mary, John, Larson, and Maddy, thank you so much for first being our friends and also for letting us document your lives!

We love you guys!

Savannah and Philip