Adventurous and driven. That is probably the best way to describe Mary and John! Mary is a pilot. John is constantly on the road for work. Both are always on the go. In the 3 and a half years they have been together they have been to the Andes, Virgin Islands, and even learned to sail! And even though they are apart often, they both know that they have someone who gets them, loves them, and has their back. Driven people need someone behind them to support their endeavors and to catch them when everything else falls apart. To love you through all the ups and downs that come with constantly driving down a road towards your passions. This who they are for one another – and it is beautiful to witness!


On their wedding day, at the lovely Annesdale Mansion in Memphis, TN, they got to celebrate this with close friends and family. John mentioned to us before the wedding that he was most excited about everyone coming together and enjoying their company. Mary above all else wanted everyone to have fun. And that happened without fail! Their garden wedding was clear, beautiful, and meaningful. Their beloved dog, Maddie, was their ring bearer. Mary’s mother gave her away. Their vows heartfelt and, of course, John bringing in his humor when needed! The ceremony was just them and showcased their relationship so well.


Kasey Acuff did a fabulous job on Mary’s makeup! The end result reminded us of classic hollywood! Paradox Catering made an amazing sit down dinner, like they always do, and Flour Garden made a gorgeous (and tasty!) cake. The dinner was truly elegant. But before to long, Jeremy Shrader and the Octocats started up the dance floor with classic, big band music. As the night went on, and the toast given, everyone surrounded Mary and John with so much love and support. Mary’s maid of honor even provided Mary’s favorite snack at the end of her toast – McDonald’s cheeseburgers! Everyone was happy when those arrived 🙂 So as you can tell the whole day was an elegant, yet genuine, celebration of Mary and John!


Mary and John, we had such a fun time getting to know you! We wish you the best in your next journey!