If I could use one word to describe Mary, it would be joyous. Every time we are around her she lights up our day. Every person that she comes in contact will agree that she makes the world better. She is caring, thoughtful, and loving in a way that few can top!

And then there is her husband John! John’s lighthearted personality is one that everyone wants to be around. He loves deeply and he cares deeply about all who surround him.
Together these two make up a power team that will create a perfect home!
We had the honor of photographing Mary and John’s wedding last year and when they told us they were expecting a little one we jumped for joy! These two have so much to offer the world and their little girl will be shown a love that will rock her world. We cannot wait to see how these two teach Larson to enjoy life and live it to the fullest!
It can’t go without mention that Mary was 5 days away from delivering Larson when we did their session. Never in my life have I seen a more radiant mother to be and one who carried herself with such class and elegance! Mary is a timeless woman who is strong, independent, but also loving and gentle at the same time. We really want to highlight the timelessness of Mary’s style and personality in her maternity session!
We hope you enjoy!


Savannah and Philip