We started photographing the Mayo family almost 8 years ago, when Donny and Kathryn got married. We instantly fell in love with them and their extended family on that blessed day and over the years we’ve gotten to see their family grow in numbers and love! When Kathryn mentioned to us that she was thinking of doing a documentary session with the entire family,  we instantly knew we would have a blast!

Papa and GaGa are by far some of the most amazing grandparents out there. They love their five grandsons (and children) with a deep and lasting love that is easily seen by all. From the trips to movies, to sitting and listening about their days, to fishing in the pond, to playing a killer game of badminton together this family simply loves to be together. The Mayo’s home is a safe place for all, family or friends! GaGa was telling me that the older grandsons will drop by with their friends simply to hang out with their grandparents. How amazing is it that teenagers long to be with their family so much?!  And Papa is a master with the fishing pole and also at the grill. Watching each grandson fishing with their Papa was an extra special moment that we hope they always remember.

There were so many different moments throughout our time with the family that we loved being able to capture for them to always remember. This is one of the reasons we love doing family sessions that are documentary at heart. There is something special about spending time together as a complete family that needs to be captured. For the Mayos, laughter is the root of their family and that laughter that they share together is worth treasuring for a life time!

The hidden moments throughout the afternoon were also worth celebrating like when Papa grabbed Amy’s hand while she wasn’t looking and held on as he watched his family playing. And when Jonah caught a fish and wanted to scare all the ladies with it. And when GaGa sat and listened to Davis and Thomas telling stories of their day. And when Caleb giggled with delight as he swung with his dad, Donny. And when Kathryn smiled from ear to ear as Caleb hugged her with all he had. And when Amy shared a quiet moment with Carter alone on the bench. And when Uncle Michael had Caleb flying around the living room by the seat of his pants. So many little moments that showed the depth of the love that this family has; a generous love that starts with the grandparents and trickles down through the generations…

We were honored to photograph this family and all the unique relationships that are shared between the generations. And we are honored to share these photographs with you!


Savannah and Philip