We LOOOOVEEEE this family! We photographed Craig and Brittany’s wedding in 2014. That day was full of such emotion and fun and was a wedding to remember! But what we remembered most was them. They are such a fun couple to be around. And when little Margaux joined their family last year, we knew that this fun family just got a little more fun. What was most amazing about this past week was we got a reaffirmation about why we do what we do – to give families an intentional experience that helps them discover what they love about one another and a way to celebrate these facets of their family through timeless artwork.

Brittany contacted us about doing a session for them for Margaux christening coming up, and they would just happen to be in Memphis that very week! We found a time for their session, did our discovery calls to learn what they really cared about, and then shot their session two days later and showed them their photos later that day. What seemed like a quick process was really just an intentional reconnection with Brittany and Craig and new relationship with Margaux.

We learned that Craig is an amazing father! He told us of a time where he went to swimming lessons with Margaux and was able to play and protect her at the same time. And he could tell she felt safe with him. He loves having her wrapped up in his arms and feeling that connection. And in that moment, it all came together for him. He was giving her a safe, happy environment because of his presence and he saw it in her. So it was vital for us to be able to capture that feeling of Craig giving Marquax that safe, happy place.

For Brittany, this christening had so many layers to it that were wonderful to explore. Faith is important to Brittany and Craig and so having this photo in this gown reinforces that for Margaux. We talk about how a photo physically taking up space in your home helps a child find a sense of place, importance, and value. And without a doubt, this was Brittany’s dream for Margaux. She wants Margaux to look back and see their love, their foundation they gave her in their faith, and how much they value her. It was so cool to learn about all of these layers of meaning throughout our time with them for this session. Even when they saw the photos, with tears in their eyes, we were able to highlight the meaning for them. It was so humbling and exciting for us to know that we were able to provide such meaningful photographs to this family. This is why we do what we do!

Brittany, Craig, and Margaux, we had a blast with you all! You gave us such a gift of fulfillment and happiness throughout this process. And we cannot wait to see your family grow and prosper!


Savannah and Philip