Can we just say that we LOVE elopements?! Of course we enjoy full Memphis weddings as well, but there is just something about an elopement. The intentionality of making it intimate. The relaxed nature of just showing up at a park and saying your vows to one another. And the freedom and flexibility of elopements is just so needed for some couples.

And this all describes Meaghan and Carlos so well! They are a relaxed couple that just wanted to celebrate their relationship and who they are for one another. This relationship is full of laughter – Meaghan calls Carlos “the happiest man in the world!” and it is true. Carlos almost always has a smile on his face and wants to spread that joy to those around him. That optimism and positivity that radiates from his personality is contagious! And, while that free, fun spirit is so needed in a relationship, on it’s own that personality can flounder and lose sight of their purpose for the sack of enjoying life. 
And this is where Meaghan steps in. Meaghan is definitely one to enjoy life and the moment, but she also brings that stability to their lives. She is the one to plan and make their life together full of meaning by always pushing them forward to newer and better things!  These two compliment each other in such a great way that really makes them both strive both individually and as a couple.
So when you find someone like this, you need to hold on to them! And that is exactly what July 26th was all about. They met at the Japanese Garden at the Bartlett Municipal Park and said their vows under the trees at the bridge. The scene was so beautiful and peaceful! And as we went to Shelby Farms Park to get some more portraits of these two we caught some amazing light! The fields were golden and they just seem to get happier and happier with every passing moment. 
Meaghan and Carlos, we had so much fun with you two and we were so happy to get to be a part of your elopement! We cannot wait for your album to come in and for your day to be forever immortalized in your first family heirloom!
Savannah and Philip