Wedding season is about to kick off for us. We are super excited about all the weddings we have this year and can’t wait to share in the joy of our couples! We’ve shot a couple weddings already this year and they got us all revved up for a great year. We’ll get to show you a full wedding later this week (yeah!) and a couple engagement sessions that we have been working on. So no worries, the blog will soon be filling up with happy couples in love!

Film scan from Olympus OM10

So to tide you over here is one of my favorite images of Amydog and myself. We have taken advantage of the nice weather lately and taken AD on tons and tons of walk. While out walking we’ve done two things, scout for new locations (on we have some fun ones up our sleeves!) and we’ve been shooting film. Philip and I both started photography by shooting film (and developing our own negatives and prints) and it has been a great exercise in going back to the basics and making sure we really know how to take a good picture and not rely on fancy lights or Photoshop. It has been really fun getting our film back and seeing our mistakes and that we still can use a manual film camera 🙂

We are trying really hard to document our life together and our little family. I can’t tell you how many trips Philip and I have taken together and don’t have any pictures of us. We vowed this year that we would actually document our life. So blog world, I’m starting back with our personal post. Every Wednesday we will be posting a little look into our life. It will probably be a small snippet but will hopefully let you see more into who we are. 🙂

So here is our first Wednesday Personal Post. What would you like to see about our life? Feel free to leave a comment below about things you would like to see!