If I am completely honest I would have to admit that I have a girl crush on Melissa. Let me explain 🙂
She is a mom to two beautiful children (Declan made an appearance in these images. Sadly Harlow was at school). A mom that is creative, energetic, and open about the hysterical things her children do.
She is a fabulous photographer who captures women at their most beautiful moments.
She already has one book published, she is working on a graphic novel and a screen play, has big dreams for her future.
She has a fabulous house that is full of custom pieces her husband built.
Once her friend ran into Hilary Swank and thought Hilary was Melissa.
And she has a fabulous kicking body after two kids. Hello workout inspiration.

Yeah she is pretty cool. Nothing inspires me more than a female who is strong, confident, and making her dreams happen. Photographing Melissa was a great honor and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for her. Pretty sure she will be famous soon and I will be able to sell her pictures to People magazine for big bucks 🙂