The time has come for our next photographer’s get together. This month we will be meeting at Amy and Mike Hutchinson’s house at 7 PM on February 15th. We will be watching a couple of short videos and discussing pricing and finding your place in this vast photography industry. I’m excited about hearing our different points of view and seeing this dynamic community we have!

Please RSVP to Amy by next Monday:

As we mentioned at our last gathering, we will be turning our gatherings int Smug Group Meetings. We are doing this for a couple reasons. Manly to keep a consistent date in the month to meet, easier way of communicating our meeting time and place to the group, and we can be reimbursed for a meeting space or food for the meeting. We have already contacted Smug Mug to get everything started and hopefully by March we will have everything set up.

And to remind us that Memphis once had sunshine and weather above freezing, we leave you with this image:

Savannah and Philip