When we first met with Diana we knew instantly that we were going to love her wedding day. Several years ago her husband passed away. Through the joys of the internet Diana met Mickey and come to find out they actually went to the same church. They timidly went on their first date and have been together every day since.

On her wedding day Diana was a bundle of joy. I’ve never seen a bride more excited to be getting married! She literally bounced around all day with excitement. Her curly red hair created a beautiful crown around her head and was one of my favorite parts about Diana 🙂 Another favorite element was her dress. Years ago Diana’s aunt gave her the dress that she wore on her wedding day, in the 1950s. All this time it has been boxed up waiting to be worn again and this special day was the perfect day for this extra special dress.

As we watched Diana and Mickey together we knew that they were perfect for one another. So much love and happiness could be seen between them. On this day they joined their lives together and also created an extended for both their sets of children. It was so amazing to watch their children be so excited for them to find love again after so much pain.

As our last wedding of 2012 this was a great one to end on. It always inspires us to see couples so in love. Nothing is better than an extremely happy and excited couple. So many emotions were shown during this wedding and it was an honor to be able to capture them.

We hope you enjoy this little look into Diana and Mickey’s wedding day.

Venue: Heartwood Hall
Florist: Garden District
Dress: Family Antique
Cakes: The Flour Garden

Savannah and Philip