*** Thanks to all who emailed us! We have already filled all the spots at this time. Thanks!! ***

Savannah and I try our hardest to stay on our toes creatively. One example is the photo above where we made a panorama shot at very dawn. That’s is not our normal atmosphere but we did it to try something we do not get to do very often. We constantly research photography, new products, our workflow, and many more things to make our clients happy. With this said, we feel like we can still do more and at the same time help some people out. We have been really wanting to stretch our creativity in shooting – have the freedom to practice what we want and to shoot how we want. So we have thought about it and decided to offer free bi-weekly sessions. The idea is you scratch our back by giving us freedom to do what we want, and we scratch your back by giving you some unique images! Here’s how it will go down:


1. These are the dates open for a shoot*: Feb. 3, Feb. 16th, Mar. 2nd, and Mar 17th. Shooting time can be set according to your schedule.

2. If you can do any one of these, email us (info@avagracephotography.com) and let us know. We want to know who you are, why you want pictures taken (just for fun is a valid reason!), and a picture of you and whoever else will be photographed. We have certain looks and ideas we are going for so we need people that fit them.

*For these sessions we will be needing couples this time around. At a later date we might be needing children.*

3. If you fit exactly what we are looking for on a specific shoot, we’ll contact you with details. Please keep in mind we have complete freedom to do what we want with the sessions, but we may ask for any ideas you may have.

4. The session is free and those who participate will receive one complimentary 8×12 print. Any additional art pieces or products that you want will be offered with a 10% discount.


We only have four available spots so hurry to get your name in!


Philip and Savannah

*These session are for those who are not current clients of AGP. Sessions that have been scheduled with AGP already are not eligible for the discounted rate. All who participate will be asked to sign a model release. AGP reserves the right to cancel or reschedule any session.