Kindness is what drew Mollee to Will. They were working together at Regional One, Mollee as a nurse and Will as a neurosurgeon intern, and she got to see firsthand his kindness towards his patients and their families. Will’s bedside manor, and his adorable smile, peaked Mollee’s interest and with the help of a few fellow nurses they started dating. Over the last five years Mollee has continued to see Will’s kind loving heart in action and she has fallen more and more in love with him! When one of Mollee’s family members suffered from a stroke, Will went out of his way to help make her family feel comfortable, know clearly what was going on, and help bring clarity and peace in a not so fun time. Seeing him love on her extended family this way helped solidify the reasons she loved Will!

And for Will, Mollee fit into his life like a perfect puzzle piece. She completely understands his crazy schedule with work and they can talk shop together, with both of them caring about the other’s job. Mollee has taught Will how to slow own and be present in life. With a fast paced job of being a neurosurgeon, he needs her partnership to help bring him calmness. Mollee’s beauty is only trumped by her showing of unconditional support for him!

Together they simply love the small moments together. Because of their careers they are both pretty independent but they love stealing quiet moments together! A night at home watching a movie brings just as much joy as a night out on the town. They have the freedom to be silly and playful together because their relationship is rooted in the fact that they are friends first!

We absolutely adore these two and their huge hearts! It takes a special calling to be a trauma nurse and a neurosurgeon but together these two are helping save the lives of those who need it most!


Savannah and Philip