The best thing about a Forever Session is celebrating two individuals, their story, and what they love most about one another. Nicole and Jeff love the outdoors, especially on the weekend, so we knew that Shelby Farms Park was the best atmosphere for them!  Jeff described their “weekend selves” as getting on the lake in a canoe, relaxing, talk for hours on end while enjoying a good beer. It’s these moments that he loves the most with her, “Her eyes are just warm and happy.” When I asked him what those eyes mean to him he just said, “Those eyes tell me that she is satisfied and wants to be my partner.” How beautiful is that?! These two are above all else partners. Even through rough days Nicole knows that Jeff is devoted and wants what is best for her. That’s a blessing not to take for granted and she realizes that.

Nicole and Jeff, we know their future will be filled with such devotion and care and we are so grateful that we are able to come along their journey and photograph this precious time for you!




There are Nicole’s warm, happy eyes Jeff loves so much!




Jeff always knows how to make Nicole laugh and you can tell he loves making her happy!


Can’t you just see the devotion in Jeff’s eyes?!






Savannah and Philip