Jeff and Nicole’s wedding was a perfect match of their timeless style, their desire for friends and family to be close to celebrate, and the lovely connection they share. Although the threat of thunderstorms lasted all day, the rain was whisked away right in time for their outdoor ceremony in Annesdale Mansions beautiful gardens. What was left was a memorable ceremony full of emotion – smiles, tears, everything in between. It was the penultimate scene of their day that was overflowing with the thoughtfulness and love these Jeff and Nicole had for one another.

It is hard to beat Annesdale Mansion when you are having a Memphis wedding! The classic elegance that radiates from every inch of Annesdale was perfectly suited for Jeff and Nicole. Their wedding felt so timeless, it could have easily been a Gatsby celebration. Holliday’s Flowers arrangements were a perfect touch, and 17 Berkshire’s wedding cake was as delicious as it was beautiful! Nicole wore a stunning Leanne Marshall design that couldn’t have matched her timeless style any better! And Jeff made sure she was well accessorized by gifting Nicole his grandmother’s sapphire bracelet! Along with a new pair of sapphire earrings, all to match her engagement ring, Nicole truly felt special and beautiful!

And Jeff was no slouch either! His custom made, black tux fit perfectly. He truly was the best looking guy there. Nicole gifted him with a rare antique watch that almost stole the show! Every guests HAD to see it and Jeff was not shy to show it off. Nothing was better suited for his style on his wedding day. To top it off, he had the most amazing velvet shoes on! Every detail was on point!

The highlight of the day for us was to see these two see each other for the first time. The excitement and expressiveness of both of them echoed the feelings of joy and love in each of them! Jeff was beyond ready to see, touch, hold his bride. And Nicole just melted in his arms with such a satisfied smile on her face. These moments cannot be contrived – these two undoubtedly love each other deeply. Their energy had a smiling and laughing all day long!

Jeff and Nicole both mentioned to us before the wedding how important their family and friends, who all travelled from all over the country to be there, are to them. And you could tell the day of. They both just would light up as they saw each family member. Every last seat was used at their seated dinner on the lawn and the dance floor was packed, thanks to Party Planet! From the first kiss to the last dance, Jeff and Nicole were showered by so much love.

Jeff and Nicole, thank you so much for letting us into your story! It was such a pleasure to be a part of this day with you, and we cannot wait to hang with you guys again soon!

Nicole’s Leanne Marshall gown was a perfect match for the elegance and history of Annesdale.

The stunning cake by 17 Berkshire was a beautiful focal point in the mansion lobby.

Jennifer, Nicole’s mom, told us leading up to the wedding that she was looking forward the most to the getting ready part of the day. She was so excited to spend the morning with her daughters, enjoying the time with them!

A stunning red lip paired flawlessly with Nicole’s classic look!

We can honestly say that Nicole was one of the most expressive bride’s we have ever had. She just couldn’t hold back her happiness!!! The smiles were abundant on her wedding day!

Nicole and Jeff opted out of a traditional wedding party and instead they had their siblings stand with them. Nicole’s sister Danielle was a show stopper in her suit! We love Jennifer’s loving gaze as she watches her daughters help each other get ready.

We adore the veil that Nicole wore!! It was made with so much love!! The veil was hand sown by her grandmother and the lace was from her mom’s wedding dress! What a family heirloom!

Jeff’s custom tux was out of this world!! It was absolutely perfect for his classic look. The watch he wore that day was a wedding present from Nicole and it was the hit of the party seeing that it is a rare  timepiece.

This first look, we all were in tears! We love how Nicole popped out from around the corner! When Jeff saw her for the first time he audibly gasped and was at a loss for words! When he finally had her in his arms he whispered the sweetest compliments we’ve ever heard! Over and over he let his bride know just how beautiful she was and how excited he was to marry her.

Could they be anymore timeless and perfect?!?!

These smiles! We seriously couldn’t get enough of their happiness!

A special moment with Nicole and her Grammy Quigley, who loving hands stitched every detail of her veil!

The gardens of Annesdale were so incredibly lush that day! It had rained (let’s be honest it was more a monsoon) all weekend but the rains stopped just about an hour or so before the couple saw each other. The extra rain brought out the beauty of the gardens!

The smiles on Jeff and his brother’s faces are priceless as they watch Nicole walk down the aisle!

The love Jeff has for Nicole can so clearly be seen here in his eyes!

Someone might have jumped the gun a little while saying her vows. Can you blame her, she was so excited to commit her life to her best friend!

We seriously love the idea of having your siblings standing by your side during the ceremony! Such a special way to show how important family is!

Oh. My. Word! Could there be a happier couple!

LOVE this special time with family right after the ceremony! Nicole jumped right into her brother’s arms and he swept her up in to the biggest hug!

Stolen kisses during cocktail hour are our favorite!

For their reception the couple had a family style seated dinner under a tent on the lawn of Annesdale. As the couple walked through the gardens we were reminded of The Great Gatsby and the parties that Gatsby would through during the summer nights… we dare say that their party rivaled all those there were held at West Egg.

Nicole’s parents gave an amazing toast to the couple that had everyone laughing, crying, and cheering with joy!

Grammy Willey also handmade a gift for Nicole and Jeff, a quilt that told the story of the connection of the North, where Nicole is from, and South, where Jeff is from! The story she told of all the symbolism was out of this world!

A first dance dip for the ages!

And one of the best entrances for a father of the bride dance!

We love that all the parents got to dance together!

And then the real dance party started!

Mom came to the rescue with the plate at the last second during cake cutting!

How adorable are they!! So much excitement!

When the minister joins the dance floor, you know it is a good party!

We love that Jeff’s parents took time to sit on the patio and take in the party.

A quick change into a jumpsuit and the couple dashed through their sparkler exit and were whisked away in a vintage Packard!