Baby Nash is nothing short of a miracle baby! Dianne and Paul’s story leading up to Nash’s birth left me in tears the first time I heard it. Years ago Paul was diagnosed with cancer, he fought it, and right before their wedding the couple found out his cancer had come back. Treatment at the amazing Vanderbilt Hospital led to Paul amazingly beating cancer. As the couple prayed about what was next for them in life, a baby was next! And after just one round of IVF baby Nash became their future. As Dianne told us about how every single stage of the IVF went better than planned we were amazed by the amount of blessings that had been poured into their life after so much heart ache.

One look at Nash and you instantly see Paul. Dianne told us about watching Paul with Nash how when he hold his son she can see that the void that was in his life is now filled. Nash being a part of their family brings together all the broken pieces of life and supplies them with the peace they were looking for. Seeing Nash everyday has helped to show them just how much they have to be grateful for! And for Paul, Dianne is his rock. She has faithfully stood beside him through so much and seen him through the worst of times. And now these two get to be strong for each other again as they embark on the great journey of parenthood!


Savannah and Philip