Romantic light, camera, ACTION!

Peter had Kara thinking he was heading out on a trip to the Smokey Mountains with Griffin, their adorable, bouncy new puppy. Their friends, knowing what was ahead, were doing their best to keep Kara from backing out of going to the river with them. Luckily, they succeeded or else Peter would have been left alone hidden in the trees until he was supposed to return from said trip. It’s really incredible how much thought goes into something so seemingly simple, but Peter did a great job incorporating the things that matter most to him and Kara. Their visits to the river at sunset with Griffin mean so much to them and the look on Kara’s face when she saw her closest friends witness this moment was priceless.

Peter and Kara, congratulations! I’m so glad I just happen to be passing by you at that exact moment and could offer you a good photo or two. What perfect timing! 😉