A couple weeks ago we did a blog post about a few mini sessions that we would be doing this winter. We did our first one last Friday and we both are really excited about what these sessions are going to teach us. We have four very distinct “challenges” that we want to accomplish with these sessions.

For our first session the challenge was to create great images in a location that isn’t nature, dramatic, or where we typically shoot. For our location we picked our house. We limited ourselves to the living room, gallery room and the garage (where we set up a white seamless backdrop). It was really fun shooting this way and pushing our creative juices. Our living room has a giant floor to ceiling window that provides beautiful, directional light through out the day. It so happened that the day we shot it was nasty cold and cloudy outside so there went the pretty light we had hoped to use. We are actually really glad that the “easy” light source was gone, it made us push ourselves harder.

On wedding days we are giving all sorts of conditions and we are expected to still create great art no matter what happens that day or what the location is. This shoot really showed us how to focus in on the couple and worry more about their connection to each other and not over power the image with dramatic lighting or scenery.

For this session we had the lovely Rachel and Bryan modeling for us. I’ve (Savannah) know these two for 6 or 7 years now. I formally worked with both of them at a running store back in the day. That running store actually played a role in how Rachel and Bryan got together. Rachel came to work there and very shortly after starting she and Bryan, who was the manager, started dating. In April they will celebrate their 4th wedding anniversary! You never know where you might meet your future mate, he/she might just be your boss 🙂

Savannah and Philip