The best way to describe these two when they are together is: joy! We have yet to see Rick and Rena not enamored with one another. And, when you spend time with them, it doesn’t take long to feel their infectious love for one another. This has a lot to do with the fact that they admire their similar qualities. Rick is an executive and Rena is a business owner. They are both so driven, and, as Rick put it, they challenge each other in many ways. And in this challenge they bring out the best in one another. Also striving for the other to be the best they can be, not just for each other and their family, but for the work as a whole.

But don’t confuse this driven nature with being harsh. Rena has the most confident, yet soft demeanor when with Rick. It’s like she is able to relax and truly be herself. No longer does she have to only be the strong leader that she is at work or for her family. She can relax – ease up – because Rick is there to support her. She is more complete and rounded with him around. She is free to open up.

Likewise Rick smiles more, he says. That joy mentioned above is creeping into all parts of his life and he is quite okay with it! His optimism and wonder is stronger than ever thanks to Rena. Even when he talks about doing more stressful things like moving, he still has that underlying joy about it because his heart is moving ever closer to Rena’s in the process.

You might think this is just giddiness that will wear off over time. But it doesn’t seem like that to us. These two know what they have and do not wish to ever take it for granted. Sure hard times may come ahead, but you sense that they truly feel that hard times pale in comparison to what they haven one another. They will cherish it, nurture it. Because it not only makes them better. It makes everyone around them better too!

A big thanks to the Memphis Botanic Gardens for letting us use your beautiful grounds for this session. And thanks to Rena and Rick for letting us be a part of this time in your lives! The wedding is coming soon, and we cannot wait!


Savannah and Philip