Life can drag you through the mud sometimes just to show you how good life can be on the other side. Rick and Rena both went on journeys of deep pain but in the end they found each other and found out just how good life can be with the right person!
We instantly fell in love with them the moment they walked into our studio. They sat on the couch and from their body language alone we could tell they deeply meant something to each other. As they told us their story we knew we just had to be a part of their wedding day. They both glowed with love for each other and they couldn’t wait to join their families.
On their wedding day, we found ourselves in tears as they cried and rolling with laughter when they laughed. Their first look was one for the ages as Rick was completely blown away by Rena’s beauty and grace. His eyes filled with tears and he held her tenderly. You could see Rena physically relax the moment she was in Rick’s arms. All the world melted away and it was just the two of them.
And as they were surrounded by family for formal photographs, Rick’s family burst into tears of joy when they realized that they hadn’t all been together in years and this would be one of the rare photographs with all his siblings. His family came from all over the world to celebrate with him and he was so proud to have them there! When we met with them for the first time he kept telling us how excited he was to have his mom come from England to share this day with him!
What we love about them is how much of the day was centered around family! Their bridal party consisted of their children and they had a special sand ceremony during the wedding vows that all the children took part in. It wasn’t just about Rick and Rena becoming a family, it was their separate children joining together as well!
And speaking of the ceremony, it was one of the sweetest we have taken part of in a long time! As Rena walked down the aisle Rick was beside himself with joy! His face lit up as she approached and he fought back tears. It was beautiful to watch as all their children cried with joy for their parents! Their minister read letters that they had written about why they each wanted to marry the other. Rick spoke of the grace with which Rena lives her life and the deep faith that grounds her. The twinkle in her eye is what brings him joy and he can’t help but laugh at the way she crinkles her nose! Rena spoke of the loving and compassionate father that Rick is and how he treats everyone he meets with love and respect.
As the grand party continued in the reception their children gave extremely moving toast that honored their parents. Each one spoke of the love they have received from their own parent and now their bonus parent. Every emotion possible was felt during those toasts and we all ended laughing with Ryan’s, the youngest of the crew, toast that was perfectly written with humor and love.
They danced the night away with friends and family and on the very last song, the new family was all holding hands and jumping for joy! Rick and Rena shared one last dance together as their guest lined up for sparklers and they way they held each other and looked into one another’s eyes showed us that they could conquer the world together as long as they had each other.
Rick and Rena, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for letting us be witnesses of your love, grace, faith, and family. You both are inspirations to us and we cannot wait to see how your family grows!
Dress: BHLDN
Videographer : Message in a Bottle
Ceremony Music: Simply Strings


Savannah and Philip