We didn’t get to meet Sam and Alex in person until their wedding day but we’ve never felt more welcome! As we walked into The Jefferson, Sam yelled out, “My People!!” You see Sam has a heart the size of Texas that loves all who enter her life. When you get to know Sam, you become one of her people, someone she loves unconditionally! Her caring heart shows through the ever present smile on her face.

And then there is Alex. A man full of persistence, grace, with the ability to be 100% present with those he is with. Alex chased after Sam relentlessly and even when he didn’t know why he was supposed to be with her, he simply knew that he wasn’t supposed to be without her. Alex is willing to sit down and have the hard conversations that life brings up and through that he helps provide security to Sam.

When the two are together there is one word that comes to mind, freedom! Over the months leading up to their wedding we talked with them about what it meant for them to get married and they both kept coming back to how free they would feel as they started their new life together. The marriage was a long time coming but everyone who was close to them saw how they honored the Lord by following after him, even when it was hard! Their shared faith brought them closer and closer and during their ceremony you could feel the blessing that were being poured upon them.

When it came time for Alex to see his bride walking down the aisle, he simply couldn’t hold back the tears. All through their ceremony Alex displayed the rawest emotions possible and his love for Sam was undeniably evident. Through laughter and tears they promised to stand by each other’s side and love through all the storms that come. And we have no doubt that these two are going to fill the world with love and care as they journey together.














Vendors :
Venue: The Jefferson Oxford
Dress: Maggie Louise Bridal

Savannah and Philip