Care and a calming presence are just two of the things that stick out about Stephen’s love for Shannon. When things are getting crazy and Shannon needs a grounding force, Stephen is right there for her. His desire to love her kids just as much has she does showed him just how family focused he is. He compliments her in every way possible and that is exactly what she needed.

And for Stephen, seeing Shannon love her kids helped him see that he not only loved her but he wanted a family too. Having known each other from a distance since high school it took several years for them to find each other. Stephen consistently checked in with Shannon to see how life was going and a genuine friendship eventually turned into a romantic relationship that has them inseparable.

Shannon’s determination, driven nature, and caring heart are all reasons why Stephen loves her so much. Through his relationship with Shannon he has found a greater purpose for his own life. Shannon supports him through all his dreams and is always by his side. With Shannon by his side, Stephen doesn’t see a bad thing in his life.

And when the family is all together, laughter abounds. We could easily see just how much fun this family has together as they played with one another during their session. From throwing leaves at each other to skipping rocks across the lake, the fun never stops.

Savannah and Philip