We haven’t posted a personal post in a really long time. So we thought today with the rest of the city enjoying a snow day that we would let out a little personal side.

Well Memphis got its 5th snow of the year yesterday. I seriously can’t remember the last time this happened Philip and I both grew up here in Memphis and the city is know for it lack of snow each winter. It gets so freaking cold here and no snow to show for the cold is just cruel. Looks like things are changing for the Bluff City!

One thing that will never change though is how quickly the city shuts down when it does snow (even if it is under an inch). Philip and I aren’t really into the whole go out in play in the snow thing; I think it has to do with being cold all the time. We sit by the fire every night and wear tons of layers throughout the day. So going and getting all wet and cold, not really a cool idea in our book.

Now while Philip and I hate the snow, Amydog on the other hand LOVES it! She can’t seem to get enough of it. We let her out and she runs like crazy through the snow. Her favorite thing to do is belly crawl through the snow with her head shoved into the piles of snow. She coats herself in snow and then runs as fast as she can in circles. We have a huge field in front of our house and she runs laps in the field but only when it snows. She cracks us up. I have never seen anything like it. Philip and I swear that she was supposed to live in Colorado or Alaska. Her love for the snow is so cute. See for your self:

We took this one last night right as dusk as the snow fall was just stopping. She was going so crazy it was hard to get her without motion blur

And this morning we grab this one of her while she enjoyed the warmth of the sun shining:

Most schools are out today and the kids are enjoying the snow. We will the warmth and watching Amydog run around like wild.To all our friends who live in Colorado and Canada, go ahead and laugh at our city for shutting down with 3.5 inches of snow on the ground. Heck I laugh at our city and how now one knows how to drive in this white stuff that falls from the sky 🙂


Savannah and Philip