When your love story begins with “We met each other at a Salsa club,” you know that it’s a love filled with passion! Sofia and Ryan wanted us to do an intimate session with them to celebrate their recent elopement, and it was so fun to get to discover and capture their passion for one another! Once you learn that they left everything they knew in Detroit to follow a new adventure in Memphis you begin to get a glimpse of how they are everything to one another. They live life to the fullest and allow every day to be as exciting as it can be!


“I love you! I love you!”


“His eyes across the room say ‘I love you! I love you!'” Sofia said as she was describing how Ryan makes her feel like a princess. And this is evident whenever you are around them. Ryan is selfless in his care for Sofia. This was shown to her immediately as she noticed the respect and intrigue he showed her from day one. It translates itself in the little things. Ryan isn’t afraid to show his love physically – rub her back, cuddle on the couch, and dancing. This gives Sofia confidence in herself. Ryan is also a visionary type of guy and he makes it very clear that his vision for his life is centered around her. What better gift can you give your lover than to let them know they are central to your life?! Sofia wakes every day knowing she is his number one.


“She has made me a more affectionate person.”


This openness of Ryan, he would admit, is new. It’s because of Sofia. He told us he is more affectionate now than he ever was, and happily so! Sofia’s free spirit is a big part of this. She is the first girl that embraced his impulsive personality and encourages it! She comes alongside him and brings an extra “spice”, as he called it, to his life. Her loving expressiveness has grown this affectionate side to him. He can’t help it. His gratefulness for her overwhelms him! They feed each other’s common free spirits. But they only want to be free if they can be free together.


Sofia and Ryan, you two are inspiring in your love! As you begin your next journey in Memphis, we know that it will just increase your passion for one another. Congratulations!



Savannah and Philip